Clarity Scan RPO

Talent Solutions has developed a two-phased diagnostic model. The first phase is the completion of this quick online web survey. The second phase is a more in-depth analysis of your current recruitment processes upon request. Our recommendations are based upon our market knowledge and extensive experience in consulting, designing, and implementing the right workforce solution for your company.

Talent Solutions has developed a diagnostic model to assess and evaluate your company's recruitment maturity via a quick online web survey of 20 questions. At the end of the questionnaire, you will receive a report with a visualization of your scorescompared to the market average and some key points to consider for your future recruitment strategy.

Our recommendations are based upon our market knowledge and extensive experience in consulting, designing and implementing workforce solutions.

Please fill in the survey and let us know if you would like to be contacted for a free consultation on the points for your consideration. It takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to fill it in.



We help organizations transform the way they source, manage and develop their workforces to ensure that they have the right talent today, and for the future. With the flexibility and scale of our sourcing capabilities combined with our expertise in career management, we provide global, integrated data-driven solutions across the talent lifecycle from talent attraction and acquisition, to upskilling and development, and retention at scale.


Talent shortages are at an all-time high and are impacting workforce productivity globally. Aligning business and talent strategy is critical to accelerating workforce agility, and improving candidate experience to help organizations thrive.


While the amount of data available to organizations is proliferating rapidly, the ablity to interpret and inform business decisions with data and meaningful analysis can be a significant challenge.


The way organizations source, select and develop employees is changing, driven by an explosion of technological innovation and shifting candidate expectations. But the importance of recruiting high-quality talent is more critical than ever to ensure sustained business success.