Contingent Workforce Management

Our global team of experts are uniquely qualified to manage all contingent workforce needs, improve processes, create efficiencies and deliver cost savings.


From sourcing to separation, business analytics to daily operations, our flexible solutions are designed to handle all aspects of contingent workforce management efficiently and at scale.

Strategic Supplier Management

Define and execute a supplier management strategy that meets your company’s mission and vision. We help you to ensure fulfilment of vacancies in a compliant and efficient way with a diverse and engaged supply base.

Cost Control

Benefit from TAPFIN's successful cost control strategy captured in our 'Book of Savings'. Based on a thorough analysis of your organization, we provide you with and execute a detailed cost reduction plan for the entire duration of the contract.

Brokering Services

Eliminate any risks regarding the contractual relationship with independent contractors and get a clear overview of the external hiring process. We can help you to continuously innovate and improve your hiring processes.

Worker Tracking

Mitigate risk, protect your data and make strategic decisions with a clear, detailed picture of your entire external workforce.

Insights That Drive Results

Increase enterprise-wide visibility, streamline process and achieve cost efficiency with our leading technology platform and suite of consulting services.

  • IntelliReach

    The IntelliReach Portal provides the most comprehensive suite of products to help you plan, manage and optimize your talent strategy and performance on a global, regional and local level.

  • Consulting

    Consulting services include support for developing business cases, ROI analysis, change management, supplier rationalization, reporting and analytics, and more.

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TAPFIN offers a full range of solutions to better manage the sourcing, quality, costs and risks associated with your contingent workforce.

Statement of Work Management

Get complete visibility and expert insights about your entire contingent workforce.

Alternative Workforce Solutions Management

Engage new talent pools outside of traditional employment channels and increase engagement in the gig economy.


Build a strong, talent-based foundation for strategic workforce initiatives to enable long-term growth. We provide a collaborative, insight-driven approach from workforce planning to talent optimization, and implementation to upskilling/reskilling.


Make better, data-driven decisions about your talent, resources and planning and enhance visibility to your workforce. Our global business and market intelligence create labor market insights that inform business decisions.


With the proliferation of workforce data, organizations need a partner to help them drive insights that accelerate strategic, forward looking decisions. By leveraging assessment and our deep analytics capabilities, we deliver talent insights that enable workforce optimization.